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  • March 2022 – Tails of Hope Foundation’s K9ER Project’s advanced training for Police K9 and Military Working Dog Teams will launch in March 2022 at the Bergen County Public Law and Safety Institute, northern New Jersey.

    October – Tails of Hope Foundation’s K9ER Project’s training curriculum advances for Police K9 and Military Working Dog Teams.

    September 11, 2021 – Remembering the Hero Dogs of September 11th on the Twentieth Anniversary.

    September 10, 2021 – Tails of Hope Foundation will be live on The Russ Clark Radio Talk Show 560AM KBLU 10:05 am EDT – Remembering the 9/11 Hero K9s Twenty Years Later.

    June – Tails of Hope continues support of K9 “Hunter” with cardiology medications. Hunter is the Certified Therapy K9 of a FDNY 9/11 survivor. Both support first responders and those stationed at West Point.

    June – Tails of Hope continues support of K9 “Hunter” with cardiology medications. Hunter is the Certified Therapy K9 of a FDNY 9/11 survivor. Both support first responders and those stationed at West Point.

    June 14 – Girl Scouts “Court of Awards” ceremony in Bergen County NJ for Caroline C. (gifted K9 Oxygen masks to national security K9s) and Kelly F. (built a Serenity Room for a disabled veteran and his service dog from “studs to stunning”) as part of Tails of Hope Foundation’s Youth Ambassador K9 Career Program (YAP-K9™).

    April 20 – Trinity Church of Allendale, NJ continues their support of Tails of Hope Foundation with a very generous gift of $750. Thank you!

    April 18 – Youth Ambassador K9 Career Program’s (YAP-K9) National Advisory Board meets and continues planning for October’s Sponsor-A-Police K9 training. The YAP-K9 Ambassadors will present TOHF’s award-winning Police Community Bridging Program each Ambassador will be partnered with a K9 Team.

    April 16 – Tails of Hope hosted a K9ER Project National Security Leadership and Community Stakeholders meeting at Bogota Fabrication Works in NJ to present its new initiatives to interested community organizations.

    April 7 – Tails of Hope sponsors K9 “Hunter” for cardiology evaluation. Hunter is the Certified Therapy K9 of a 9/11 FDNY survivor. Both support first responders and those stationed at West Point.

    April 1 – Paterson NJ detectives seize 528 heroin folds, half-pound of cocaine, and a loaded gun from accused dealer – see full article https://dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/northernvalley/news/paterson-detectives-seize-528-heroin-folds-half-pound-coke-loaded-gun-from-accused-dealer-19/806190/. Thank you for a safer community.

    To date Tails of Hope has gifted the Paterson NJ Police 80% of their K9s.

    April – Mike’s Feed Farm of Riverdale NJ adopts Tails of Hope Foundation, supporting our mission and new Sponsor-A-Police K9 Team campaign. Thank you!

    April – Bergen County Police Chiefs Foundation, Inc. (NJ) donates inaugural gift of $1,280 to sponsor five northern NJ National Security K9 Teams to attend Tails of Hope’s new advanced K9 training program this coming June. Thank you for your support and selfless service!

    April – NEW Sponsor-A-Police K9 Team campaign launched by Tails of Hope Foundation. JOIN US! SUPPORT YOUR POLICE K9 TEAMS – SHOW THEM YOU CARE!

    March 21 – Youth Ambassador K9 Career Program Ambassadors Maura Herron (Graduating college in Dec 2021 with a Criminal Justice Degree) and Jordan Baldwin (entering her junior year of college in the fall, studying Animal Sciences). Both are advancing to leadership roles with Tails of Hope. Both joined us while they were in the 6th grade.

    March 13 – Tails of Hope Foundation releases its annual K9 Veterans Day video tributes In Memory of Fallen Police and Military K9s. These solemn videos were created by Mary Kulakowski of Tails of Hope’s Executive Team.

    March 3 – K9 “Adonis” celebrates his first anniversary of service with the Paterson NJ Police’s K9 Unit. Adonis was gifted by Tails of Hope Foundation.

    Feb 26 – Youth Ambassador K9 Career Program leader and criminal justice student, Maura Herron, meets virtually with LTC Vargus and Commander Corrigan. Maura is serving in a YAP-K9 leadership role and will provide executive support to the LTC and Commander.

    February 10 – K9 “Liberty”, our service dog in training, gets new shoes. Thank you to her supporters Johnstone Supply Company of NJ, Colonial Rottweiler Club, Veteran Brandon and Jackie Oliveti.

    February 7 – Inaugural launch of Tails of Hope Foundation’s Youth Ambassador K9 Career Program (YAP-K9) National Advisory Board designing the national expansion of our Police Community Bridging Project.

    February 1 – Paterson NJ Police SGT Ryan Curving retires. Tails of Hope honors his years of dedicated selfless service. We welcome PO Klein with K9 “Monty” as our new point-of-contact for the Paterson NJ Police K9 Unit.

    February – TOHF’s President serves on Animals in War and Peace Medal of Bravery Award’s Advisory Board.

    January – Plans begin to create a Youth National Advisory Board for Tails of Hope Foundation’s YAP-K9 Police Community Bridging Project.


    December 29 – Tails of Hope continues to honor K9 “Mattie” with new educational fliers created to accompany tours of the K9 Mattie Memorial at the Connecticut Fire Academy in Windsor Locks, CT. In 2018 TOHF memorialized Connecticut State Police’s historic Accelerant Detection Canine (ADC) Program with a bronze statue honoring K9 “Mattie” and a Police Community Bridging Program’s YAP-K9 youth authored book entitled, K9 Mattie’s Legacy. K9 Mattie was the first forensically validated ADC K9 in CT and possibly the world.

    December 23 – Colonial Rottweiler Club donates $500 for sponsorship of Tails of Hope Foundation’s current service dog in training, K9 “Liberty”.

    December 5 – Veteran Max Speizer, Navy Korean War Veteran, USS Ingraham Association member and Grandfather to our Eagle Scout Achiever, Zach Speizer, sadly passes. Veteran Speizer’s family selects Tails of Hope to be a recipient of their memorial gifts. We send our deepest condolences to the Speizer family. Veteran Speizer you were special to all. Rest in peace.

    December – K9 “Johnstone” reports to his new duty station serving a Connecticut Veteran named Trina who was severely injured while deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    November 17 – Little eight pound rescued Shih Tzu, “Goldi”, passes away at 21 ½ years old. Goldi served for nearly two decades, comforting and educating other rescued dogs and preparing them to become working K9s, including Tails of Hope Foundation’s K9 Ambassador “Casey”, who went from being feral to serving as a Certified Therapy Dog since 2013.

    November 12 – Tails of Hope Foundation’s National Security K9 Advisory Board Committee progresses on National K9 Training Project for a planned launch in June 2021.

    November – Service dog, K9 Johnstone, saves three lives and will be moving to a new duty station. He has been sponsored by Johnstone Supply Company of NJ and Tails of Hope Foundation.

    October 2 – In Memory of Bright & Beautiful Certified Therapy Dog, “Teddy” Brent, who served Tails of Hope Foundation tirelessly for many years. Teddy comforted young and old, humans and animals alike until the last few days of his life. Teddy was a gentle and loving soul. We will miss you forever. Thank you for your tireless and selfless service.

    October 6 – K9 beds purchased and shipped to Military Working Dogs deployed in South Korea thanks to Tails of Hope Foundation, Park Ridge Animal Hospital and Support Our 4 Legged Soldiers.

    September 25 – Patterson NJ Police Officer Novar Vidal and K9 “Simpson” “seized 72 cocaine vials, nearly a half-ounce of cocaine, pot packaged in 38 baggies, four bags and 16 vials and a loaded .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun”. Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale said, “Vidal and Simpson are invaluable partners who have “removed dangerous weapons and illegal drugs from our streets. I am extremely proud of their abilities, synergy and hard work.” And so are we at Tails of Hope Foundation. For the full article see — https://dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/northernvalley/news/trusty-k9-leads-paterson-police-to-drug-stash-loaded-gun/794970/ .

    K9 Simpson was a gift from Tails of Hope Foundation to the Paterson Police’s K9 Unit in 2018. Simpson is named In Memory of our friend and fallen Veteran TSgt David Simpson.

    September 21 – Inaugural meeting of Tails of Hope Foundation’s National Security K9 Advisory Board Committee addressing growing domestic and international threats.

    September – The training of Service Dog, K9 “Liberty”, continues as she celebrates her first birthday.

    August – NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau K9 Commander, Brian J. Corrigan, retires after 35 dedicated years of selfless service and joins Tails of Hope’s Team as Project Manager.

    August – A disabled Veteran’s Service Dog, “Delilah”, continues to be sponsored by Tails of Hope Foundation for ongoing and successful surgery removing her reoccurring mast cell tumors.

    July – LTC Richard A. Vargus officially becomes Tails of Hope’s Advisor and Military Liaison.

    June 26 – Rev. Michael Allen retires from Trinity Episcopal Church of Allendale, NJ. Thank you for your years of service, support for our disabled veterans and their service dogs, and for annually blessing America’s National Security K9s. May your blessings be returned to you!

    June 11 – Service dog in training, K9 Liberty’s, spay is sponsored by Johnstone Supply Company of NJ with Tails of Hope Foundation.

    June – Tails of Hope Foundation’s PPE campaign helps save the lives of 1,640 police K9 handlers.

    May – Girl Scout Kelly of northern NJ achieves her Gold Award. Kelly built a serenity room for a disabled veteran and his service dog as her Tails of Hope Foundation Gold Project. We are so proud of you!

    May – Girl Scout Caroline of northern NJ achieves her Gold Award with Tails of Hope Foundation. Her Gold Project involved gifting K9 oxygen masks to America’s National Security K9 teams including Animals in War and Peace’s inaugural Medal of Bravery recipient, FDNY K9 “Bucca”. We are so proud of you!

    April – LTC Richard A. Vargus retires as Military Working Dog Department of Defense Program Manager at the Pentagon and increases his role with Tails of Hope Foundation on several national initiatives.

    March 31 – Tails of Hope Foundation saves retired MWD “Gulliver’s” life with fast action when his spleen was on the verge of rupturing.

    March 17 – K9 equipment gifted to the Paterson NJ Police K9 Unit by Tails of Hope Foundation.

    March – As the COVID pandemic worsens and supply chains break down, Tails of Hope Foundation steps in to secure dog food needed by area police K9s.

    March – An urgent PPE campaign is launched by Tails of Hope to support police K9 handlers.

    March – Tails of Hope sets-up National Security K9 Advisory Board to assist in providing PPEs to police K9 handlers due to scarce supplies and to track zoonotic diseases (i.e., human-to-animal / animal-to-human transmission), a possible cause of the COVID pandemic and its resulting impact.



    Due to the Coronavirus all three K9 Veterans Day events scheduled in CT, NY, NJ have been cancelled. The events will be rescheduled for 2022 once the Coronavirus situation is resolved.

    March 15 – K9 Veterans Day ceremony – Cancelled – Noon– 1:30pm at the Park Ridge Elks Club, 13 Sulak Lane, Park Ridge, NJ

    March 13 – K9 Veterans DayCancelled – Private event (by invitation only) in NY City.

    March 13 – K9 Veterans Day ceremony Noon – Cancelled – 1:00pm at the Hartford State Armory, 360 Broad St, Hartford, CT 06106.

    February 21 – Connecticut’s Adjutant General and Military Department team with Tails of Hope Foundation for Connecticut’s inaugural K9 Veterans Day Ceremony

    February 18 – TOHF attends screening of To Be of Service. A film about veterans with PTSD and their service dogs, hosted by CT State Representative Robin Comey at the Connecticut State Capitol.

    February – TOHF to gift another police dog to Paterson NJ Police K9 unit.

    February 6 – TOHF’s Girl Scout Gold Award candidate, Caroline, is recognized by her hometown’s leaders for her K9 oxygen mask project which is expanding nationally. Local police praise Caroline for an outstanding job. Congratulations Caroline!

    February 3 – TOHF receives a The Home Depot Foundation grant of $3,500 for Girl Scout Gold Award candidate, Kelly. Her serenity room project helped a disabled NJ veteran and his service dog. Thank You!

    January – TOHF continues its year-long mission of shipping Military Working Dog (MWD) supplies to America’s troops deployed in Afghanistan, Cuba, Kuwait, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. Thank you for your service and to our dedicated supporters who make these gifts possible!

    January – TOHF is working on a new multidisciplinary interoperability K9 national security training program, headed by Dr. Richard Vargus (ret LTC) and international military working dog experts.

    January – TOHF receives a Bergen County NJ Chief of Police donation of $500 – Thank You!

    January – Tails of Hope Foundation provides a disabled Connectcut veteran with a service dog and helps with family emergencies.

    January – TOHF’s and Faithful Friends Service Dog Foundation’s service dog, K9 “Johnstone”, makes a lifesaving discovery for a five year-old child of a disabled veteran.

    January 23 – TOHF holds two conference calls with Dr. Vargus (retired LTC), Chief Roy and Lois Gross of SPCA, and Ramapo Rescue Dog Association about the K9 national security training program.

    January 22 – Volunteers Paula Smith, owner of Your Event, and Barbara Ross, owner of Ross Communications, join TOHF in the planning of a private K9 Veterans Day event on March 13th in NY City with Meera Gandhi. Thank You!

    January 16-23 – Animal Medical Center of NY accepts Tails of Hope’s request for oncology support for MWD K9 “Rocky”, but unfortunately after reviewing the results of the CAT scan informs TOHF that Rocky’s condition is untreatable and he is placed in hospice care in Illinois. TOHF serves in the sacred role of assisting with Rocky’s end-of-life care and final expenses. Our hearts are broken over the loss of America’s War Hero. RIP dear Rocky – brave warrior.

    January 16 – TOHF secures funding from Gizmos Gifts, US War Dogs Association, and individual donors, for a critically needed CAT scan for MWD Hero K9 “Rocky” – Thank You!

    January 14 – Animals In War and Peace Museum invites TOHF’s President, Linda Blick, to serve on its Advisory Board.


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