Today’s working dog teams continue to provide an exceptionally valuable contribution to our national security efforts.  Whether it is; a military working dog team on patrol in a hostile environment to ensure the safety of their fellow soldiers; a law enforcement explosives detection dog team searching prior to a special event or during a suspected bomb threat; or a search and rescue team responding to a disaster at a moment’s notice; these professionals risk their liveseach day to make our world a little safer.” 

“The field of working canines continues to be an emerging growth industry in the federal, state, local, and private sectors, affecting every aspect of American society from national security, commerce, disasters, environment, medical assistance, etc. Some of the largest career opportunities for national security canines exists within the military services, federal government, and law enforcement.  Shortly after 9/11 private sector partners increased their participation in activities such as; securing buildings and sporting events, and providing private canine teams to mass transit and transportation systems. 

There continues to be an ongoing challenge to identify and select not only quality canines but responsible individuals to assist these valuable partners along the way; whether it be foster families, veterinarian support, or qualified trainers and handlers.  The time is now to ensure our nation’s youth are aware of these most rewarding career opportunities.”   


~ David R. Kontny, retired Chief of Staff, Joint Program Office for Countering IED, FBI, Washington, DC; currently serving as an international consultant on national security matters and on Tails of Hope Foundation’s National Advisory Board.