Photo Credits

Photos used with permission by:
– “Dog Heros of September 11th” by Nona Kilgore Bauer, Kennel Book Clubs
– Dr. Mark Franz
– John Pappas
– Ken Brasswell
– Penny Sullivan
– Peter Salo
– Daniela Kroen
– UPENN Working Dog Center
– USS New York Photostream
– Gay Ann Wayne
– Debi Boies
– Linda Blick

Photography by Nancy Katz
Photo by Bud Glick
“Photographing Sunday’s event at Liberty State Park was one of the highlights of my photographic life. All the love, honor and camaraderie we captured in images will become part of an everlasting, historical record– a testament to great courage and the best of the human spirit. What an honor for me to be Photography Chair for Finding One Another!”
Photography by Hildi Borkowski
Photo by Nancy Katz
“There were many 9/11 Commemorative Ceremonies but only one celebrated working dogs. They were a vital part of the search/rescue/recovery efforts during the events of 9/11. I was honored and proud to be a part of the event held at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, sponsored by Finding One Another. I’m very grateful to the dogs and handlers for their tireless dedication. This will always be a highlight of my photographic career, one that I will “Never Forget”.”
Photography by Michelle Schaller
Photo by Pat Auriemma
“It is an honor to work with Finding One Another and the SAR’s. Sunday’s events were honorable, beautiful and respectful to the past and present.”
Photography by Ajay Kathuria
Photo by Nancy Katz
“It was my honor to help capture the emotions of the 9/11 Working Dog Recognition Ceremony 2011 in lasting images. I was truly moved by the courage, compassion, sacrifice, and sheer pride displayed by the working dogs, their handlers, and those recognized at the ceremony. Hats off to Finding One Another (FOA) for organizing such an historic and well-deserved recognition ceremony!”
Photography by Pat Auriemma
“I felt honored to cover the 9/11 event at Liberty State Park with my fellow photographers for Finding One Another on the 10th anniversary. The impact of what we shot that day did not hit me for a few days until I realized just how fortunate I was to document this amazing event and how proud and grateful I am for these hero dogs and their hero handlers. Thank You.”
Photography by Allan Goldberg, CPP, FP
“As a photographer who specializes in Pet Portraits, it was a privilege to document the 9-11 Tenth Anniversary event commemorating the remarkable efforts of the search and rescue dogs and their handlers of Finding One Another.While there were many memorable moments photographed that day, the bond, dedication, and selfless spirit of those working dog teams from around the country present a picture that will stay with me for all the 9-11 anniversaries to come.”
Photography by George Symeonides
Photo by Regina Symeonides
“It was an honor and a pleasure to take part in photographing the unsung heroes of September 11. They will forever be remembered for their bravery and dedication. To all the dogs and their handlers, Thank You and God Bless.”
Photography by Diana P. Lang Photography
Photo by Diana P. Lang Photography
“9/11 is a difficult day for this great nation. I found comfort being surrounded by fellow Americans who were paying tribute to the canine heroes and their handlers. I was honored to be able to capture images from the FOA event and proud to be able to contribute to their story.”
Photography by John J. Pacetti, CPP, AFP
“What a wonderful day photographing the 911 remembrance at Liberty State Park for Finding One Another. Capturing images of the honorees, working dogs and their masters was a rewarding experience. Looking through the lens, trying to compose an image while staying composed myself, at times, was not easy. An honor to help create a remembrance for such a wonderful cause.”
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