What We Do

Mission Statement
The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is an opportunity to pay tribute to the members of the Canine Search and Rescue (SAR) Community, volunteers and professionals, canine and human, who served so heroically during the 9/11 disaster and whose work continues today with new catastrophes and crises.

In paying tribute, Finding One Another (FOA) seeks to support the needs of the SAR field, the individual canines and their first responder human partners, by contributing to the establishment of standards of practice, care and research needed to safeguard all those engaged in this work. Funds generated by Finding One Another will provide financial assistance to:

  • underwrite veterinary expenses for those SAR canines in need,
  • increase the number of specially trained SAR focused veterinarians,
  • expand targeted research benefitting working dogs and their human partners, and,
  • develop and implement programs to educate the public, both children and adults, to the work and on-going needs of the SAR community while elevating the human/animal bond and fostering a dialogue toward a more peaceful future.
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