K9 Veterans Day

K9 Veterans DayTails of Hope Foundation, Inc. strongly supports the movement to recognize United States Military Working Dogs (MWDs) for their service and sacrifice on behalf of all Americans by passing K9 Veterans Day legislation in all states.

In 1987, Vietnam Veteran and retired MWD handler, Joseph White, began a movement to establish March 13th as K9 Veterans Day to honor all military and civilian national security and service canines. White stated that canine veterans, “served to save, and they deserve to be remembered”. New Jersey, the first state in America to pass K9 Veterans Day legislation, has been followed by fourteen additional states that have passed legislation or proclamations observing this day.

Tails of Hope Foundation leads a coalition of organizations dedicated to Veteran White’s mission.

Thank you for supporting America’s K9 military and national security teams, and working toward “mission success” for Veteran White.

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