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Thank you for your service during 9/11 and for your participation in this historic collection that will be preserved for future generations. This is an important step in documenting the vital work done by civilian, law enforcement and military working dog teams, veterinarians, and VMATs.

Please consider submitting your 9/11 dog team photos. Finding One Another (FOA) is creating a photo archive that will be evaluated for possible inclusion in the permanent collection of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. For more information, please email Nancy Katz, Photography Committee Chair, at

FOA has created a special fund-raising program for SARs, veterinarians, and VMATs through the sale of 9/11 SAR Tribute Charms. Designed by artist and SAR handler James Pearson from the Ramapo Rescue Dog Association, NJ, the Tribute Charms are made in America by Charity Charms ( from recycled lead-free pewter, attached to earth-friendly silicone bands, and assembled by Americans with disabilities. Their superior quality ensures that they will bring long-term visibility and public awareness to the cause.

For more information on participating in this fundraising program designed to benefit both FOA and your non-profit organization or veterinary practice or hospital, please contact:
Charity Charms toll free at 800-615-3200 and ask for Jenny Brown

Order in bulk Online :Order Form on Retail Portal/Charity Charms Website.
Order single pieces at retail: Finding One Another

Please visit our website regularly to learn of new activities and events. We welcome ideas and suggestions that support the working dog field.

Our heartfelt thanks go to each of you and to our corporate, private, and individual supporters and volunteers who have made this project possible.