Park Ridge Rotary Club Hears Presentation on Tails of Hope

Park Ridge Rotary Club Hears Presentation on Tails of Hope

Tails of Hope™ founder Linda Blick recently made a presentation to the members of the Park Ridge (NJ) Rotary Club. The subject was the Tails of Hope Foundation, the non-profit organization which she helped found and which is dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary medicine and helping to eradicate cancer and other life-threatening diseases affecting companion animals.

The mission of Tails of Hope is to help dogs, cats, and other companion animals live longer, healthier lives. The Foundation’s assistance programs help people whose animals are suffering from life-threatening diseases as well as the veterinary hospitals who treat them. Educational and informational programs are designed to advance veterinary medicine and educate the public and the vet community about critical issues in veterinary medicine and technology.

“The thing that stood out from her talk is the scope of all that Tails of Hope does,” said George Sherman, past president of the Club. “She proved once again that one person can make a difference.”

More recently Ms. Blick became the motivating force behind the creation of Finding One Another: Courage Beyond Measure,™ which seeks to provide public recognition and support for the efforts of the first-responder search-and-rescue (SAR) community. SAR volunteers routinely risk their wellbeing and incur great personal expense to purchase, train, feed, and take care of their dogs—often more than $50,000 over the dog’s lifetime. They worked tirelessly for months at the 9/11 sites after the World Trade Center disaster to recover remains and bring closure to families.

The Rotary Club, whose focus is raising money for charitable causes, will consider a donation to Tails of Hope at its next meeting.