K9 National Security Gift Registry

K9 National Security Gift Registry™

The K9 National Security Gift Registry™ was created to support America’s National Security K9 Teams (military and civilian police – arson, bomb, narcotics, patrol, security, search and rescue, disaster) by “gifting” equipment, products and medicine benefiting both the human handler and K9 – created by a private and non-profit cooperative effort.

The gift registry is the brainchild of Tails of Hope Foundation (a New York based 501 c 3) and its working dog programs, Finding One Another™ (FOA for adults) and Youth Ambassador K9 Career Program™ (YAP™- for youth).

Invitation to America – Welcome All!

Individuals, non-profit and service organizations and private businesses, are invited to join us in supporting the K9 National Security Teams.

How You Can Help?

  1. Contact your local K9 National Security Team through your local military base, police department, search and rescue or FEMA teams and ask them to educate you on their K9 unit’s needs. You can purchase needed items directly and skip the gift registry or ask FOA or a participating group to help you.

    Not sure how to reach your K9 teams? Call your local police department or military base and ask them to direct you to your K9 team of choice – military, police, search and rescue, disaster.

  2. Click on one of the K9 National Security Gift Registry™ participating companies or organizations:

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    Please note: The registry portion will begin soon! Please bear with us as we are all an all volunteer organization. Thank you!

  3. Become a K9 National Security Gift Registry partner – email us at
  4. Donate to Finding One Another:

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Sponsors and Supporters

K9 Storm, Inc.
Lakeland Bank, NJ
Liberty Subaru of Emerson NJ
Liberty Hyundai of Ramsey, NJ
Adopt-A-Soldier Platoon, NJ
Blue Star Mothers of Northern NJ
Conrad’s Confectionery, NJ
Girl Scout Troop 353, NJ
NJ General Federation of Women’s Club’s
Support Our 4 Legged Soldiers, NJ
Support Our Military Working Dogs, FL

Bergen County K9 Unit 17 Lakeland

Subaru and Hyundai IMG_6799

GS at Manderino

Peg and Kevin with Eye wash IMG_5035


SSG Holley and Robbie  10.6.13

SSG Nathan Leo and Max - doogles AUTOGRPH PHOTO

SSGT Miller with K9 Gijis  gifts from FOA and Park Ridge Animal Hospital

John Gijis and buddy on ops

“Thank You so much for the box and the picture of the women (Park Ridge Animal Hospital) that support our four legged friends forward deployed. Gijs loves his dog bed; at first all he would do was lick it. I wasn’t sure if he was going to eat it, but shortly after checking it out he just fell asleep for 8hrs on it. We just got back off a 4 day op and the only thing I had was an old wool blanket for him to lie on. It was so cold out there so it’s great having the bed, warming vest, and winter booties. I received the boxes on the 14th; I’m sending some pics of us in the snow, on mission, and with all the goodies consolidated in one box. Thanks Again” SSG John Miller, and Gijs.

“I want to thank you for everything you guys have done for Max and I. We greatly appreciated it, you guys always brought smiles to our faces. As Max and I go out the door I have a buddy of mine who I cced above who is replacing me. His name is Bill and his dogs’ name is Dan.” SSG Nathan Leo

“Thank you so much for all you do for the BCPD K9 unit. It is very much appreciated. Your efforts are humbling. Please pass on our appreciation to the staff at Lakeland Bank. They were very generous.” Brian Higgins, Chief of Police


New York’s MTA Special Operations K9 Division is the first recipient of the K9 National Security Gift Registry’s K9 Storm Intruder Vest. The vest is slash/stab/bullet resistant vest with an integrated Intruder camera that provides both day and night vision broadcast capabilities through a live encrypted video stream of up to 1,200 feet (nearly the height of the Empire State Building). The video stream can penetrate multiple steel fortified concrete barriers which is essential in active shooter and other counter-terrorism operations.


GOAL: A goal of the K9 National Security Gift Registry project is to donate one K9 Storm Intruder Vest for each state in America. Not only is the vest invaluable, but we hope that each gift will bring greater visibility to each state’s K9 teams. Each Intruder gift and its surrounding publicity will provide an educational opportunity to invite the local public to support their hometown team’s on-going K9 needs with gifts of leashes, collapsible water bowls, veterinary medicine, bullet proof vests and more! The K9 gifts cover a wide range of products that start at just a few dollars, but their impact is priceless!

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