Timeline of Progress

  • 9/7/11 YAP’s origin began at the suggestion of David Kontny of the Department Homeland Security Headquarters and Dr. Carmen Battaglia, American Kennel Club (AKC)
  • 9/10/11 selected Amanda Reck to serve as Acting Project Director – Silver & Gold Girl Scout Award Achiever, 2011 Graduate Johns Hopkins University, summa cum laude; studied abroad for 2 semesters at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University.
  • 2/23/12 YAP’s inaugural launch occurred five months from inception at the Alfred G. Waters Middle School, Delaware with 3 schools and rave reviews
  • 3/12 YAP’s new logo designed and donated by Words and Pictures Creative Service
  • 3/12 YAP’s Advisory Board created
  • 3/16/12 YAP launches with Girl Scout Troop 353, NJ
  • 3/18/12 YAP’s Acting Project Director volunteers for Search and Rescue Training with Ramapo Rescue Dog Association, NJ
  • Spring 2012 YAP’s 3 phase program includes independent or group projects and mentoring with titans in field ex. Mr. Kontny and CPT Fennell
  • 5/6/12 YAP invited to Winterthur K9 and Equine Event-meets Wilmington Kennel Club who offers to join YAP
  • 6/10/12 Joan Angela D’Alessandro Memorial Foundation joins YAP and underwrites Jumoke Academy Charter School, Hartford, CT to include child abuse and safety component with court assistive K9s
  • 6/27/12 National FFA offers partnership and access to 250,000 students, teachers, and public
  • 7/8/12 YAP meets with Dr. Robert Smith and Dr. Carmen Battaglia, AKC, both offer to volunteer for YAP
  • 8/3/12 YAP lectures to Rotary Club, Park Ridge, NJ
  • 9/2012 Delaware school adopts YAP for 2012-2013 school year and helps create Jr. Military Working Dog Program
  • 9/7/12 YAP has private tour of Girl Scout National Headquarters with the D’Alessandro Foundation Board in New York City, Introduces YAP to National
  • 9/11/12 YAP included in Going Forward section of Official 10th Anniversary Tribute Commemorative Book to be Archived at National September 11 Memorial and Museum (TBA)
  • 9/21/12 YAP launches at Jumoke Academy Charter School Hartford, CT, for high risk youth – certified science, math, and technology school. Presentation by Nancy and Chief Brooks, Ramapo Rescue Dog Association, NJ
  • 9/24/12 Jumoke loves YAP, expands enrichment program for entire 2013 school year
  • 9/24/12 YAP meets with 30 Girl Scout Troop Leaders, Bergen County, NJ
  • 9/12 Briana Hargett, Alfred G. Waters Agri-Science Teacher joins YAP Advisory Board
  • 10/12 Delaware YAP selected as one of top four National FFA Chapters to be honored based in part on the YAP students contributions
  • 10/1/12 YAP presents at Doberman Pinscher Club of America Nationals, KY
  • 10/10/12 YAP begins dialogue with Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC about private tours for YAP students
  • 10/16/12 YAP presents at the Joan Angela D’Alessandro Memorial Foundation annual gala and is invited to open dialogue with prosecutors and law enforcement personnel about the use of court assistive K9s
  • 10/19/12 Pilots N Paws joins YAP and launches new science and technology program on Aviation – Animal Rescue to Working Dog
  • 11/2/12 YAP presents new class on Introduction to Pre-Veterinary Training by YAP Ambassador Molly Karlin, NY pre-vet high school student
  • 11/11/12 YAP marches in the New York City Veterans Day Parade with Finding One Another’s inaugural contingent Honoring Military Working Dog Service to America – War of 1812 to Afghanistan
  • 11/21/12 YAP presents new class on Comparative Anatomy by Joanne Silver, President and Historian of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club
  • 12/19/12 YAP Court Assistive K9 Committee begins with Deputy Attorney General, DE
  • 1/4/13 Winter Semester began at Jumoke Academy along with new partnership with Allan’s Angel’s Chapter of Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. and new class on Introduction to Therapy Dogs
  • 1/18/13 Jumoke students received Certificates of Completion of 1st semester; discuss new leadership roles as YAP Ambassadors with entering 2nd semester students, all students voted on 2nd and 3rd semester working K9 programs. Certificates gifted by Words and Pictures Creative Service
  • 1/25/13 YAP hosts Allan’s Angels for new class on Introduction to Reading Assistive K9s and Ramapo Rescue Dog Association for return presentation on Introduction to Working Dogs for 2nd semester students & K9 Obedience Training for all students
  • 1/25/13 YAP dedicates a new working dog library to Jumoke Academy, CT
  • 2/13 Amy Beardsworth Dean of Students, Jumoke Academy joins YAP’s Advisory Board
  • 2/22/13 YAP presents new class on Every Dog Needs A Job: Building A Sound Relationship with Your Dog by Ellen and Dobby Ganci
  • 2/23-24/12 YAP exhibits at Rockland County Kennel Club Dog Show, NY Girl Scout Troop 353 and NJ YAP students staff booth
  • 2/28/13 YAP DE students raise funds to donate to Penn Vet Working Dog Center for puppy detector program http://pennvetwdc.org/
  • 3/22/13 YAP presents new class on Accelerant Detection Canines with Det. Paul Makuc and “Baxter” from Connecticut State Police
  • 4/12/13 YAP presents new class on Explosive Detection Canines with Melton Hawkins, Officer Joe Agnellino and “Roxy,” Amtrak Police Department, New Haven, CT


YAP Mission

The mission of the Youth Ambassador K9 Career Program (YAP™) is to educate America’s youth about working dogs in order to advance and secure the future of this critical field through mentoring, career, and volunteer opportunities, and through raising awareness of the importance of sustaining the purebred breeds who perform these essential services. YAP serves as an umbrella program recognizing all direct and associated volunteer and careers opportunities with working dogs. Detailed YAP information available upon request.

For information on YAP please visit:  www.tailsofhopefoundation.org


Linda Blick, MSW

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