Tails of Hope’s mission is to help companion animals live longer, healthier lives. We carry out this mission through the implementation of assistance, educational and informational programs. Our assistance programs are aimed at providing help to individuals whose companion animals are suffering from life-threatening diseases and to the veterinary hospitals treating such animals. The goals of our educational and informational programs are to advance the state of cutting-edge veterinary medicine and to educate the veterinary medical community and the public about critical issues in veterinary medicine and technology. Our principal programs include:

Assistance Programs
  • Sponsor-A-Pet™ Program. Under the Sponsor-A-Pet™ Program, Tails of Hope underwrites the cost of veterinary care for companion animals suffering from cancer or other life-threatening diseases whose owners cannot afford to pay for such care.
  • Quality-of-Life Program. Tails of Hope’s Quality-of-Life Program undertakes such projects as the establishment of meditation gardens and comfort rooms at veterinary hospitals, respite care programs to assist individuals in caring for ailing companion animals and the donation of much needed food, equipment and other supplies to both individuals and veterinary hospitals.

Educational and Informational Programs
  • Public Information Program. Our Public Information Program is aimed at providing members of the public with critical information about animal health and veterinary medicine and technology. The program covers such topics as the latest developments regarding cancer and other life-threatening diseases affecting companion animals, the availability of cutting-edge treatment options and the existence of, and benefits of treatment by, veterinary specialists such as radiologists and oncologists, as well as other topics important to animal health. It includes a lecture series, awareness campaigns, pamphlets, brochures and other methods of distributing information
  • Professional Lecture Program. Under our Professional Lecture Program, Tails of Hope sponsors lectures on topics in cutting-edge veterinary medicine and technology for veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other members of the veterinary medical community, with the aim of having as many professionals as possible educated about the most recent advances in such fields.
  • Internship, Residency and Fellowship Program. Under our Internship, Residency and Fellowship Program, Tails of Hope provides grants to veterinarians and veterinary technicians undertaking internships, residencies or fellowships in critical veterinary specialties such as radiology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology.
  • Working Group Program. Our Working Group Program is aimed at bringing together top general and specialty veterinarians, veterinary technicians, experts in human medicine and others to identify the most critical issues in cutting-edge veterinary medicine and technology and to prioritize, and propose methods for solving, such issues.
Everyone can assist us in carrying out our mission, and everyone’s contribution (whether it be of time, talent or ideas, money or in-kind items or through other means) is invaluable to us. We encourage anyone who would like to become involved in one or more of our programs, or who would like additional information about such programs, to contact us. Please also take a minute to look at our “Partnering Opportunities” page to see if you would be interested in joining Tails of Hope’s efforts by means of one of these great opportunities.

We are continually updating this web site, so please check back often for lecture schedules and other updates on our programs.
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